Monday, April 1, 2013

What's in a name?

Josiah Matthew Kern

I'd love to tell you that there was some grand, beautifully penned story that led us to this name, but in reality the story is quite simple.  That is not always a bad thing, and in this case, the story is not only simple but comical as well.
We spent a lot of time researching names over the past few weeks.  We found some great names with some great meanings.  But nothing was really "speaking" to us.  We thought about names that meant something to our family.  But again, nothing was really standing out.  We even considered just naming him Buggy and being done with it.  But then we realized that was just nonsensical.
After a few weeks of searching and not finding anything that we really liked we both just put on the back burner of our minds.  And then the most amazing thing happened.  No we did not see the name appear in the clouds as if out of nowhere.  No we did not find a new constellation with the name written in the stars.  No we did not receive an anonymous package containing only the letters to the name in it.  No we were not awoken from sleep by the voice of God explaining to us that we must name our son this name and then move to Canada until he calls us back.
The amazing thing that happened? The season premiere of The Voice.  That's it.  The Voice.  One of the contestants is named Josiah.  When they announced him, Lisa and I looked at each other, both knowing that this had promise.  I quickly did a search to determine the meaning of the name, and was just as quickly moved to tears when I discovered that the name means "Jehovah Heals."  That is when we knew!
What an amazing meaning.  We know that the chances of Josiah being completely "healed" or without his DS are slim to none.  And that is okay.  But also know that there is probably healing that we need, or that you need, or that others need, that our son is going to be the vessel for; healing that we do not even know we are in need of yet.  It is my belief that Jehovah will use my boy to bring healing to those who are hurting, myself included.
The next day I was running through middle names in my head and kept coming back to Matthew.  For one, Matthew has a great meaning itself: gift of Jehovah. For two, I have a friend, a best friend named Matthew, and in the words of Mr. Myagi, he is "pretty okay too."  Between the meaning and the namesake, I was sold.
I had planned on talking with Lisa that night.  Interestingly, she texted me that very morning a simple question, "What about Josiah Matthew?" There it was right there in front of me, on my computer screen from my own research, and on my phone from my wife's.  Josiah Matthew Kern.
My son was named from The Voice (hey we could have went with Usher). His name has a powerful meaning.  We know beyond doubt that he will be a blessing, he will heal many, he's already bringing healing to his dad's often callous heart.  And isn't that every daddy's desire?


  1. Not gonna lie. I teared up a bit at the perfectness of the name. ::hug::

  2. Wishing you well! We all do need healing in some way or another.

  3. I love my little Josiah!! I can hardly wait to receive a "hug of healing" from him!!

  4. I love his name and its meaning. Plus the book of Matthew is full of stories of Jesus healing those who believed or healing in order to make those standing by believe! I find myself reading it over and over. Love, Doni